Voting Outside The Lines

Greetings, friends!

Picture this: you’re on the board of a large company, one of the largest in the world, and you’re tasked with hiring a new CEO. The board has decided on two candidates that couldn’t be more different. After interviewing them, you hate both. Which do you choose? If you’re like most Americans, you’re going with the candidate you hate least. But is this really who you want to run your company? Who you want to represent your name?


Well, you are, in a way, a member of a very large board of a company – The United States of America, and it’s time we all start doing our job.

The truth is, there are way more than two candidates for president, even if you’re a time traveler from after the primaries have been decided. That’s right folks, I’m talking about the third parties the DNC and GOP are begging you to forget.

But, Ben, I really don’t want to waste my vote. 

Me either! Which is why I’m not voting for a candidate I don’t even like.

Okay but can a third party candidate even raise enough money to run a successful presidential campaign? 

Bernie Sanders’ raised 6.8 million dollars in a day. Anything is possible.

Yeah, but what can third parties really offer us?

Besides fresh perspectives, more options, and less ways for the major parties to control you? Uh they’ll probably give your racist uncle more to complain about on his Facebook?

Who’s even running? 

For the green party – Jill Stein, Darryl Cherney

For the libertarians – Marc Feldman, Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Peterson

Other Candidates

But I really like (Insert Politician Here)
Fantastic! You should totally vote for him or her. But the fact that there’s a whole world of candidates out there that you’ll never hear from should anger you (especially if you like Sanders because he’s “revolutionary,” or Trump because he’s “not a politician”). And if you’d like to live in a true democracy, where candidates have the platform to say what they want, regardless of major party affiliation, then say so.


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