Review Policy


Thanks for being interested in my reviews for your, or an author you represent’s, book. Below are some answers to questions you may have in regards to my review policy:

What I Like To Read

I like to read just about anything and everything. If you want a more experienced review, here are the genres I read most often:

  • General Adult Fiction
  • Memoir
  • Literary Fiction
  • Thrillers & Suspense
  • Historical Fiction (particularly of the WWII era)
  • Religion (specifically Christianity)
  • Graphic Novels
  • General Nonfiction (specifically anything with a social edge)
  • Psychology/Sociology

ARC and Published Formats

I prefer print format. ARCs and final editions of books are reviewed differently (please see below). e-books are accepted as long as I have the means to open them (EPUB files or kindle.) Anything else, please ask and we will work something out.

How I Review

FOR ALL BOOKS – I generally write for the widest possible audience. This means I generally discuss a work’s entertainment value, alongside its literary or social value. Depending on my exposure to the genre, I may offer readers of the genre perspective of how it compares to other books. I give honest reviews. If I do not like something, I will write as though I do not like it. However, I am always conscious that my opinion may be different than someone else’s, and my reviews reflect that as well. No reviews are read prior to the writing of my review. Each review is accompanied with a star rating out of 5, with intermediate values of .5 (i.e. a book may receive a rating of “4.5”)

FOR FICTION BOOKS – I discuss the quality of writing, plot, characterization, how the book compares to other works in the genre, and balance between world building and plot/character development. I also discuss any emotional reactions to the book, or connections to the real world the book may offer.

FOR NON-FICTION BOOKS – I discuss the quality of writing, organizational structure, worthiness of subject (is this a subject that deserves a full-length book?), target audience, credibility/authenticity, and how the book compares to the genre. I also discuss any emotional reactions to, and the scope of, the book (is this a memoir that is built on more than just memories?).

FOR GRAPHIC NOVELS – Please refer to the above classification for the graphic novel. Additionally, the quality of art will be discussed in a manner of general taste (I have no knowledge of specific art forms).


  • ARCs receive the aforementioned treatment (with the understanding it is not a finished product). Please include expected publication date, expected publication region, and expected publication format.
  • Final Editions get the added (and unique) bonus of being reviewed in their entirety. Cover art (and jacket design for print books) will be discussed, as well as any general publication formats such as chapter titles/design and any inside illustrations. I recognize that your product is more than just the words inside the cover and my reviews reflect that.
  • ARCs may be reviewed as final editions, so long as you specify your request, and provide a copy of a finished product or portions of a finished product (cover art, jacket design, etc.)

Where/When Book Reviews Are Posted

I will always review books on this blog and Goodreads (via my personal profile) with blog links on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Both reviews may be the same, or may differ. Additionally, you can request a review be posted on any site you wish, so long as I can maintain an account (Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.).

I will review books on a time schedule that is mutually beneficial, provided you accept I am a full-time student with a part-time job. Reviewing books is my hobby, not a full-time gig.

Additional Notes 

Please note that I do not review books of authors I am personally connected to (unless a personal connection has emerged from a professional relationship). Additionally, I do reserve the right to decline to review a book, and to stop reading a book if your work surrounds sexual assault or rape. This mean I may rescind my offer to review a book, after I have committed to reading it, but only as a last resort. More specifics on this policy can be discussed on a case by case basis.


To contact me for reviews, and for any additional questions or clarification, please contact me through this blog or email me at Tweets, DMs, IG messages, tumblr asks, etc. will likely be considered spam and deleted. Anything I don’t delete will be referred back to here.

Again, thank you for your interest. This page is provided for your benefit, but please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions.

– Ben/Bryce